“Making Connections”

As in the Story of the Starfish, the overwhelming job of helping all the kids who need help developing a connection with nature seems impossible until one considers it is enough to help just one child at a time and if many people cooperate, together we can make a difference. Read on for more.

Refuge Friends Inc President Steve Sutter took a step toward working together this week at the 2011 Annual “Making Connections” Breakfast hosted by Richfield R.E.A.D.Y.. As a featured speaker on “No Kids Left Indoors” Steve told how connecting children with nature and overcoming Nature Deficit Disorder can improve their mental, physical, and emotional health and increase their success in school.
Attendees also work with youth through schools, churches, city programs, housing communities and more. It takes a village, indeed. Get involved.

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  1. leni silberman #

    I joined in Nov 2011, but have never heard from you. Now I’m doing my taxes, and I cannot find an ADDRESS for your group. I need to have that in order to claim a deduction for my donation.

    Why haven’t I heard from you and why don’t you post an address on your website?

    Leni Silberman, Palo Alto, CA

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